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これはNEC PC-8801に対応の単純なブロック崩し系ゲームです。


A / D , Numpad 4 / 6 : 右・左の移動
SPACE : ステージ始めはボールを発進。EDGEがいっぱいにたまったらパワーウェーブを放つ。



Quasi88 0.6.3 (MacOS-64, BIOS必要): https://github.com/barbeque/quasi88-port/releases/tag/v0.1-alpha
XM8: http://retropc.net/pi/xm8/index.html
M88x5, BIOS必要: https://illusioncity.net/nec-pc-88-series-emulators-tools-lists/

Are you a bad enough dude to take on the evil BLOXX empire?

This is a simple breakout clone for the NEC PC-8801. 

It was designed and tested in V1-S mode (i.e. the original hardware spec), but if you want a challenge, it works great in high-speed memory mode V1-H or V2 mode as well. 

A / D or Numpad 4 / 6: Move left/right
Space: Launch ball at level start, or fire a power wave when your EDGE is fully charged

WIN / LOSE : Destroy all the bricks to win. If the ball touches the bottom of the screen, you lose. When you win a stage, the game will take you back to the title screen / level select, but will save your score. Aim for the highest score!
SCORING : All bricks are worth the same - 1 point. If you destroy a brick with your power wave, though, you will get 2 points. 
EDGE and POWER WAVE: The Bloxx Empire is edgy. Striking a brick on its edge will grant you an edge point and charge your power wave, but the effect on your ball can be unpredictable. Watch out!

Update 1.01: Fixed level 2 where ball could get stuck.

Devlog coming soon, and possibly more updates (like bricks taking multiple hits).

Created with my own C framework for PC88 (Full source for Hachinoid is in examples/):

Recommended emulators:
QUASI88 for MacOS-64, needs BIOS : https://github.com/barbeque/quasi88-port/releases/tag/v0.1-alpha
XM8 (less accurate): http://retropc.net/pi/xm8/index.html
M88x5 (slower, needs BIOS): https://illusioncity.net/nec-pc-88-series-emulators-tools-lists/

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorBen "Bent" Ferguson
Tags2D, 8-Bit, Arcade, blocks, Breakout, Casual, pc88, pc-8801, Retro, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese


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Hachinoid v1.01 (Self-booting D88 disk image) 340 kB
Hachinoid BGM (.VGM) 66 kB
Hachinoid BGM (.wav) 6 MB


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(2 edits) (+1)

Cool Breakout clone with some fun and spiteful level designs.  The edge mechanic adds some fun chaos that can quickly turn things frantic and kept me paying attention.  The unpredictable bounce angle can be a little frustrating to deal with though.  This is what usually got me killed, especially if the ball was already moving faster than normal.

I wasn't able to clear any levels.  I think extra lives would reduce some of the frustration of dying near the end of a level - maybe 2 extra lives, with bonus points added for each remaining life after a clear?